Monday, January 2, 2012

10 Resolutions to Consider!

#1 - READ YOUR BIBLE - if you already do, read it more!  Even a few verses if you have never done this, is a great start!
#2 - PRAY MORE - I would guess everyone prays, but this year, keep a good prayer list and keep track of those miracles God performs in answers to prayer. Share the answers to pray with someone!
#3 - MEMORIZE - even if it's a few verses!  A verse a week is a great goal. Some of you are capable of memorizing way more than that! 
#4 - SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH SOMEONE - Somewhere out there, in the store, at work, a neighbor, a friend, someone needs to hear the gospel.  Look for an opportunity to share with at least one person this year.
#5 - GIVE OUT TRACTS - Come on, anyone can do this!  They're cheap, and even the most fearful witness can leave one laying in a waiting room or restroom.  Give them to waiters, store clerks, in every bill and piece of mail you send.  This is one of Arthur and Priscilla's passions!  They make sure everyone always has some in their purse, in every car, by our front door, pretty much anywhere we are there are tracts.  They say for every 1,000 tracts given out, one person gets saved.  Maybe we should each put out 1,000 this year!
#6 - BE A BETTER SPOUSE, PARENT, SON OR DAUGHTER - This means to forgive each other, pray for each other, and put their needs and desires ahead of our own.  Go on dates, obey your authorities, and in general, love one another.
#7 - DITCH THE TV IF YOU HAVE ONE - This includes anything that you are watching, reading, or listening to that doesn't glorify God.  Sometimes we turn the TV on in a motel room.  It doesn't usually take long to turn the thing off because of the commercials if nothing else.  Very little can be found that glorify's God.  Most, feeds the flesh and "I Wants."
#8 - GET INVOLVED IN POLITICS - I know, it's depressing.  But I can't help but think back to our last state election.  Remember the recount between Norm Coleman and Al Franken?  I can't help but think if a few more people shared their reasons for voting for Norm, or wrote a few letters to the editor, donated a little more money, or passed out a few brochures, maybe Norm would have won.  It was so close.  We cannot neglect to support those with morals and values that support God's morals and values!  We have very little time left as a free country.  We cannot close our eyes and live in a dream world.
#9 - GET INVOLVED IN YOUR CHURCH - Wherever, whatever church you attend, do all you can to support it!  Get involved, pray for your pastor and elders or deacons.  Determine not to complain if you don't like all that goes on.  Pray for God's blessing on those that attend.  They say that those that are the most involved, enjoy it the most!
#10 - LIVE ON FIRE FOR GOD - A few people have told Arthur and I we do too much.  Can we ever do too much for God?  Can we ever serve to much?  Every family and individual should take some time and think, brainstorm, and plan about what else can they do for God this year.  What other project should we do?  How can we reach our neighbors?  How can we help our church?   How can we get godly men elected?  How can we make a difference?  We cannot sit and do nothing!  Our freedom to serve God is quickly disappearing and only by using our freedom can we ensure to keep that freedom!  Get on fire for God this year and do everything you possible can to make a difference!


  1. I feel too like the Christians should be more vocal in the affairs of our nation. We are to be salt and light. I personally know of situations and votes where large blocks of Christians could have swung an election if they had only voted. I enjoy politics and most people have a hard time understanding that, oh well!I intend to do more this year to voice my opinion in a nice way and help others to see the choices before us.

  2. Wonderful things to do this year Camille! Happy Anniversary to you and Arthur the 1st!!

  3. I didn't mean to make it sound like, Arthur the 1st. I meant your anniversary on the 1st. : )

  4. Shelly, I thought you were thinking it was our 1st anniversary ;) It is actually our 26th!!

  5. What a great list!! And no, you can NEVER do TOO much...but I have always been encouraged by how much your family DOES do! :)


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