Friday, May 18, 2012


We thought those at home would enjoy seeing our day of travel through Michigan.
We couldn't help but stop by this deserted train along the road.  Silas doesn't get chances to crawl under trains to take a picture just any day!

Silas and Priscilla standing in front of the gorgeous Lake Superior.  What a nice drive along it in several legs of our journey.  Nice sand, but the water was a little cold! (Lake Superior's average temp is like 39 degrees or something) This brought me back to our college days when Arthur and I travelled this road back and forth to home. The older ones remember this but Silas and Priscilla didn't so it was nice they got to see some of it.
Priscilla discovered how seagulls like to eat your lunch!  We have a lot of seagulls at home but they generally never wait around for a handout like these ones did.
Mackinac Bridge.  They were doing some repair on this bridge, as they were the big one in Duluth.  Couldn't help but think of the I94 bridge that they were working on when it went down.  This bridge is almost five miles long!  The water was so blue green and calm.
And the train again.  We did have one visit with a highway patrol, no, Silas wasn't driving, in fact, no one was.    Well, we need to get to sleep to get up bright and early in the morning.  Have a great evening!  We love you at home!!!!


  1. Ok, now you have to post the rest of the :) How did the HP stop you when no one was driving?? :)

  2. Okay, Rachel, since we won't be able to post till we're on our way home. We pulled off an exit because our car doesn't have air conditioning that works :( :( All our water was in the trunk. So, while we were getting water, the HP pulled up to see if we were okay. I think we scared the lady peeking out of her door close to where we were parked. Not too exciting, thankfully!

  3. Welcome to Michigan! I haven't been up to the bridge in a long time! Hope you enjoyed your tour. You should visit southern Michigan sometime. I think this time of year right now and the second and third weeks in October are the prettiest. We are in beautiful farm country down here!

  4. It looks like you all had a fun trip! Times traveling together and enjoying so many different sights are always fun. And how neat to be able to stop and see the old train! I enjoyed the photos of it and especially the first one. Hope the rest of your trip went well!


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