Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This and That

Yesterday Arthur (with help) worked on building a small shed to house the grill at the maze.  Miriam and I took a walk through the maze and some of it was over our heads!  Taking mostly the right trails, it took about a half an hour.  We did go slow and made some wrong turns.  We're so thankful for the rain as the corn looked pretty bad before that. 

Oh, the joy that little grandchildren bring!  Anna is such a doll and we have really enjoyed having her and Esther and Naomi here.  They're in GF right now with Aaron but should be back sometime.  Yesterday we had the little men (David, Daniel and Jeriah) over while Amos and Rebekah did a few things.  They sure keep us busy and say the cutest things!  Like David said, "Are you Grandma Camille?" I guess he'd never heard my name attatched to Grandma before.

I am mortified!! Since the whole town will probably talk about it, I'll tell you.  I was on the phone calling about a perscription this morning.  I went on to tell the nice lady that "one of my husbands will pick it up later today." Agh!!  I meant to say one of my kids!  Arthur was there and thought it quite funny but said that maybe I better pick up the pills. 

Have a great day!


  1. LOL, you've been holding out on us!! I only knew about ONE of your husbands. ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing and bringing a little laughter to my day. That's what corn mazes can do to the brain. So excited to hear of your great progress! Hoping and praying for it to be a huge success this year!!! God's richest blessings. jep

  3. Thanks for sharing your deepest secrets!!:o) That's funny. Did you get it straightened out? Things look great at the maze! We are looking forward to seeing it in person this year.


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