Monday, August 27, 2012

Here You Are, Naomi...

a post so you don't feel like you're missing out!
Naomi said she missed the maze this year but I know one thing she doesn't miss is seeing our kitchen overtaken by water, candy, pop, etc!  This is just the kitchen, you should see the pantry!!  We go through thousands of cans of pop and water so you can imagine!

And this is the ferocious tire dragon, at least the front of it.  I don't know whose idea it was to put balls in the eyes but it kinda cool.  The kids can crawl through most of the dragon and love to run on it. Sometime I'll get a photo of the whole thing.

This is the human foosball game.  It wasn't fixed all the way yet but  we thought we'd let the explorers play a game to test it out.  We saw a lot of groups spend a lot of time playing this last weekend so apparently it works good.

We did have a good weekend, the largest first weekend we've ever had.  We "celebrated" by opening a three cans of pop and splitting them!  I'm afraid I detest the thought of all that sugar going in us and limit it when I can.  We did have lots of ice cream as well! (Probably full of sugar too but at least it's a dairy product and not a sugar product!)

Today Miriam and Hosanna picked tomatoes.  Seven large boxes of them.  You know what we'll be doing this week. So far Miriam has got one 18 quart pot full of salsa to can and one 14 quart pot of pizza sauce ready to can which used up almost two boxes.  I used a few of the "extra" tomatoes to make a big pot of vegetable soup for supper.  It smells so good with fresh garden potatoes, corn, onions, beans, and a good dose of fresh dill.  I love how you can wash fresh potatoes and the skin just washes right off.  Store potatoes never taste this good!

Isaac is busy putting up some CRP hay which should add to our supply for the winter.  Arthur is busy wrapping up some school things.  He decided not to teach this year because he is so busy and so they closed the school.  I find that sad but maybe it will open again someday.

So that's how it goes here.  As for my favorite quote at the corn maze this last weekend, a little boy said to his mommy, "I saw a real farmer!!" :)  Have a great day!!



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  2. Wow! You all have been very busy! I always enjoy coming to your blog and seeing all that's going on around your farm. :-)
    That human foosball looks like so much fun - what a neat idea!
    We have been canning a lot of tomatoes too. It is always fun to hear of others who are doing the same seasonal jobs that we are. :-) Just today my sisters and I made six 'sleds' full of tomatoes into sauce. It sounds funny, but sleds actually work really well to put the tomatoes in because they are shallow (which keeps the tomatoes from getting smashed), but still hold a lot. So anyway, I can relate to putting in many hours of processing and canning! :-)
    Well, I just thought I'd write you a comment because I have enjoyed your blog so much, and I don't think I've ever commented before! Your family is so encouraging to me!


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