Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas at Our House

I have to admit, probably the most fun thing about Christmas is the grandchildren!  Esther is such a sweetheart and is SO much like Naomi was when she was little I can hardly believe it.  Takes a person back in time!

Little Anna is adorable too and looks more like Aaron's side of the family.  She has such a sweet smile and when she got a cold it was hard to see her not feeling good.  These little girls will be greatlly missed!

Then there's the active little boys!  I loved this picture of Jeriah reading the Cowboy Small book upsidedown.  I don't have a really good picture of it, but they each got new cowboy hats with pistols and holsters.  Jeriah especially seemed so tickled and pleased that he had something that big brothers weren't taking away from him.  Little girls are sweet and little boys are so much fun! They have such energy and eagerness to do things. 

Um, I almost feel bad mentioning the word gun after this last week.  Very, very sad.  It's really sad too that people are unaware of how many lives guns save every day.  Of course we know the only real answer is our Savior Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful time of year to share the wonderful gift God has given us to all the hurting people in this world.  No, God doesn't take all the problems in life away but knowing there is someone that loves and cares about you makes such a difference. Try to find someone to share this great gift with this year.  That was our challenge this week in church and I challenge you with the same.

I'll post more tomorrow now that things have slowed down.

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