Thursday, March 28, 2013


*** Congratulations to our neighbors west of us in North Dakota for getting the strictest abortion laws in the country! We need to pray that more states would follow!
*** Priscilla called last night and is having a wonderful time!  When asked if she made any friends she said EVERYONE is her friend.  That's Priscilla!  She's loving all the great lessons and testimonies and the spiritual lessons she's learning.
*** I was trying to clean some hard water deposits on some kitchen glasses today.  Nope, the vinegar didn't do a thing, neither did showers and stuff, neither did CLR, neither did Go-Jo hand cleaner or carpet shampoo (a mistake :).  The only thing that worked was Silas' remedy, toilet bowl cleaner.  Seriously, its the only thing that worked and this is Silas' remedy for cleaning his jars. It only takes a second of contact to dissolve the spots. I quit after one glass though because I just can't deal with the smell! Anyone else have any fast remedies?
*** We picked up a Hillybilly cookbook on our trip. At least that's what it was called. Hosanna thought she'd try out the barley puddin'.  I think they were pulling our spoon, because it did NOT turn out!  Smelled good though!
*** Silas hit another car pretty much head on last week wrecking the corner of our van. (It didn't look very good to start with)  Everyone is okay though.  Someone hit us in the car also this last week in a parking lot.  Didn't leave a spot on our car but cracked his bumper up.  The van Priscilla was in ran into the van in front of it last week as well.  All were okay.  Then there was cousin Ben who totaled his car.  Thankfully he is okay.  Not a good week to be on the road I guess.
***Early Homeschool Tournament Registration are due on Monday.  Anyone want to help judge? 
***We have a long list of potential new activities at the maze this coming fall.  But, we're curious, does anyone else have any great ideas?
***If you have any free time, please pray for the tournament that we would get lots of students and judges.  Please pray for Mrs. J that the medicine she's taking for lyme disease would be effective.  Please pray for C & C who are working on getting a divorce that God would intervene and change their lives.  Please pray that many would come to trust in Christ as we may not have much time left.
*** Have a great evening!


  1. PTL! I'm so happy ND was able to pass it! Wow, I can't believe that actually happened... Praise Jesus.

  2. I haven't tried this on glasses, but Bar Keepers Friend works well on my other hard water stains. You have to let it sit for a few minutes. That toilet bowl cleaner probably takes the cake though. It can clean anything :)


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