Thursday, May 23, 2013

Petunia Planting Time

It was petunia planting time again for our family and the wonderful  workers that we had.  They got all 15,000 planted in about seven hours!!  Hosanna worked assembling flats and mixing the flowers up.

Karen J. helped Hosanna and the two did a great job!

Isaac went along and dug the holes.  Note the $4.19 gas price!  Hope it's not that high wherever you all are!

Planting quickly along the road.

Smile, Priscilla!

Hi, Matthew M.!   Seriously, those that planted are really sore this evening!

Thanks for helping, Rachel M.!

The crew went down to the lake for lunch.  Thank you too, Elizabeth!

Arthur brought the flowers from the trucks where Karen and Hosanna were working to the planters.  Yes,  S., the policewoman in the area, did stop Arthur for parking along the road with his flashers on.  :)

They planted some flowerbeds along the buildings.  Looking good, Isaac!

So who took this picture, Silas?  Like the JD hat!

Krystal J. got the busy job of picking up the empty plastic.  Good job, Krystal!

Hi, Jessica! Glad you and your sisters helped us today!

Hey, its a car, everyone wave!  Seriously, whenever they had a break they waved at all the cars that went by.  

Looks good, guys! Hopefully it won't freeze tonight!

I put this picture in so you'd know where to buy windows or doors if you need them!

This is out of order but Miriam is putting the flowers down ahead of the planters.

After the planting was done, the crew took some time to weed a few of the perennial beds as well.  Then they took a trip to the DQ and headed home.  It was a long day and there will be lots of sore muscles tomorrow! Thank you so much those of you that helped!!!!  We couldn't do it without you!!!


  1. Hey, Planting petunia's is awesome!! Even though we are a bit sore today, we would not have have traded planting those flowers for anything:) Thanks for letting us help! Elizabeth

  2. Wow! That is a LOT of petunias!!! I loved seeing all the pictures of you all working together. It looks like a lot of hard work, and I'm sure a fun time of fellowship all in one. :-) If we lived up by you, I'd certainly love to join the crew! :-) Too bad we live so far away!


  3. We would love to have join our crew too if you lived here!


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