Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This and That

The cows are all out enjoying the nice grass!  It was a tough spring so this is a praise!

Arthur is working on getting the hay equipment in order. One of his favorite farm activities is haying!  He also finished up fencing a new pasture for the cows.  It went through a swamp so he came home quite mucky.

Isaac had an MRI on his knee.  He has a torn ACL and torn miniscus.  They told him to schedule the surgery when he had time to rest. Mmm.  Summer farm work, camp, fall harvest, fall trapping and late fall hunting.  He thought of waiting till then but will probably have it done later this summer.

Miriam has been working on painting our garage and a few other outdoor paint projects.  Yeah!  Our garage really, really needed it!

Hosanna and Priscilla have been plugging their way through the garden this week trying to get it all weeded before the weekend.  Not a nice job with those HUGE Minnesota state birds eating you! (Mosquitos for those that don't live in our state!) We haven't had them this bad for years!

Silas is plugging away on his computer class studying and keeping the dairy cows happy.  What would we do without Silas!  He's also mowing the maze yard today and the grass there is really tall!

I've been working on mudding the addition.  I'm trying to get the bottom half done for now and then will see about the top half when we have time.  I'm not really a good ladder person so it might have to be done really, really slow or wait for someone else to do it!

Yes, we'll change our blog header one of these days so you don't have to see anymore snow!

Well, have a wonderful day enjoying the blessings God is sending you!


  1. Keep the header, it's a welcome relief! :)

  2. Sorry, Shelly, I don't want to see snow for a long time! Thanks for posting though, as sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading this! Keep cool!

  3. You don't have to worry about nobody reading this Aunt Camille!! we read every post you have:) Elizabeth By the way, I really like your new heading. The verse fits the picture so well:)!!

  4. Isaac I'm so sorry about your knee! Be careful if you plan to wait on surgery. Steph B

  5. I enjoyed reading your post. You sound busier than me. Makes me feel rested!

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth! Steph, Isaac said he will do his best to be careful. I'm not so sure the way he works! Lori, we are busy. Way too busy! I long for a boring summer day if there is such a thing.


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