Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacation Bible School Part 1

Well, three days of VBS done and two to go!  It's been a really fun week!  For myself, I've kinda been working myself out of the job so I've been able to just float around and help here and there which is quite fun.  We've had a great group of kids with only a few squirrly girls.  Usually its the boys that can't sit still!  It's been cool so that always help.  Arthur is a great director and hearing all the kids singing together it just makes a person get more excited about the singing in heaven!

The workers have a theme skit each day.  Our theme for the year is Building Character God's Way so our skit is about a construction crew that is trying to build a church but they have all kinds of problems each day that emphasis the character trait for the day.  This is probably one of the younger workers favorite part of VBS!

Miriam headed up the craftime for the younger children and Linda M. and Ellen C. both headed up the craft for the older students.  Priscilla is helping her team with their craft.  Did anyone else build popcicle stick boxes at VBS when they were a kid?  I know we did when we were young.  Notice how we made the tables look like highways?  I thought that was kinda neat.

The kids love to eat their lunch with Arthur and if they can get him, they love to have him play a ball game as well.

We have so many good workers!  Thank you all!  Anyway, Silas took so many pictures and this is the only one I had with him on it so I'm posting it.  It's a picture of his and Dallas' guy team with Rachel M. and Grace H.'s girl team together.

So,  it's been a good week.  We've had a couple of salvation decisions which makes all the work worth it.  if you think of it, pray for us in the next two days that it will go well!  Have a great evening everyone!

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