Friday, July 5, 2013

Farm Work - Corn, Tractors, Hay, Fishing, Legos

I don't know if you call this farm work but it does go against the norm to cut down perfectly good corn!  Hopefully we will finish cutting the maze this evening.  The heat has made it really hard for me too spend too long out there at a time. Yes, it was taller than "knee high on the 4th of July".
You might not call this farm work but we do!  It's Arthur's way of educating kids to farming and agriculture!  We had the privilege of watching my niece's son for a day and he loves tractors!

Baling square bales.  Jonathan J. is driving, Isaac, Caleb J., and Matthew M. are on the trailer doing the stacking.  It really doesn't look "too hard" but with the heat we've been having along with high humidity, it's almost too hot to stand outside let alone work.  Thankfully, they got the job done safely.  They're out raking more today.

Cowboy Matthew standing on top of the hay trailer.

Silas took this photo from on top of the hay wagon.  The cut hay did get rained on several times one day when the forecast said clear and sunny.  The cows won't complain.

Isaac took a couple of his nephews and their grandpa and Aaron fishing. (Isaac figures fishing is a type of farming.  You know, getting food :)

Daniel especially just loved being out on the lake.

Grandpa N. hanging onto David.

Aaron should be happy.  They only caught two fish all morning and Aaron got one of them, also the biggest one.  The girls think their brother-in-law makes a pretty good cowboy in the white hat.

Just waiting for a fish to bite.

No, the addition isn't done.  We moved the legos to the new room and so the grandchildren have a place to play where we don't have to worry about the little ones eating legos.  That room is much cooler than the rest of the house so it's a nice place to be. Legos could be farm work if they would make farm lego sets with tractors and farmer people!  If anyone has free time and enjoys taping and puttying seams, I sure could use help :) I have a hard time doing anything over my head and I'm not sure I'm patient enough to wait for Arthur to have time next winter!

Esther and Anna both love Rosa.  Miriam gets the girls to sing with Rosa and visit with her.

4th of July photos coming soon when I get a chance.  Have a wonderful hot day wherever you are.  Remember that God is in charge of the weather, whether rain, shine, or snow and sends us what he knows we need!


  1. Awwwww, I so missed seeing you all over the 4th!!! And Naomi and Aaron were even there!!! :( Bummer. Hopefully we can all catch up over Christmas. And is that Landon on the tractor?! He's getting so big!!

  2. We missed you all too! Yes, that is Landon on the tractor. He gets so excited over anything with wheels! Naomi will be up sometime this fall so maybe you two can catch up then.

  3. We enjoyed the post! - Especially the picture of Aaron :)

  4. I love reading about what your family is all keeping busy with! :) I wanted to write you after you left that comment about not being able to attend our last Appleseed event, but life was busy with preparations at that time and then I must admit I forgot about it until we started preparing for our next shoot! I hope some/all of you can make it to a shoot again one of these years! It would be great to have you!!!! Also, Andrew mentioned that he'd be willing to help instruct a shoot at your place if that was ever something you wanted to do? There are also several shoots scheduled for MN I see (, so maybe that would be an option for your family---although we don't get to see you that way.
    :( :)
    God bless you all! If you don't want to post this comment, that's fine with me. I should get your e-mail address!


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