Saturday, July 20, 2013

On the Farm

This time of year things are so busy I almost, almost, wish winter was here! Just kidding, I love summer!  Isaac spent the week at Camp Bemadezawin and isn't home yet.  Before he left he went around with Silas getting pictures of all the cattle with their ear tags for records.  The grass is so tall in places the calves can hardly get through it.

It's been a hot summer but the cows have done fine, even the dairy cows are doing okay with it.  The flys are starting to be a problem but we expect that this time of year.  The crops all seem to be doing good and we're getting a good amount of hay stored up.  A blessing!

Maze prep takes a lot of our time.  We made a Giant Jenga set for our game alley.  Everyone has had fun trying it out.  You can see the light on in our addition.  No, it's not finished as no one has time to work on it.  Someday.  Meanwhile it's a great place to work on maze stuff.  We've been cutting the animals out for the maze game so that room is full of sawdust and unpainted animals.

Arthur and Amos are over at the maze working on putting up a picnic shelter.  Excuse me, its a loafing shed.  Everything we build over there we try to figure out what we'd do with it if we ever quit doing the maze.  Arthur said this is a loafing shed for beef cows so a loafing shed it is :)

Arthur put up a deer stand in the field using the stairs from the bridge.  Fits in with the Gone Hunting theme we thought.  Anyway, both the loafing shed and deer stand were built with materials Arthur got from a neighbor whose shed fell down last winter due to the snow.  As well as a few things we had around.  I guess you might say we're excellent at recycling.  Most farmers are! The corn has grown since this picture was taken.  Most of it is around 5-6 feet tall.

This time of year we are really starting to enjoy the garden as well.  We've had snow peas and frozen a lot of them.  We've had fresh beans, onions, zucchinni, and now the raspberries are getting ripe.  We made some pico de gallo with fresh peppers, cilantro and onions.  Too bad we had to use store tomatoes, they just don't have the flavor.  But they're coming!  Right now we have a pot of green bean soup on for supper.  With the fresh savory it smells wonderful!

Praise God for His marvelous bounty freely given to us!


  1. Nice summer pics. I ate fresh salsa at a cousin's home tonight! Yes, nothing like those garden tomatoes! I got a lot of snow peas too!

  2. Esther always likes it when you post cow pictures :)


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