Thursday, August 8, 2013

Isaac On The Mend

Well, Isaac is home from the hospital.  He had an ACL ligament replaced and some torn cartilage removed in his knee. We stayed at the H. cousins so that was a blessing and a great time of fellowship.  Isaac has this "machine thingy" that he's suppose to keep his leg in most of the time this week and at night next week and it very slowly bends his knee for him.  It starts off with a slow bend and by the end of the week it should be pretty well bent all the way.  He also has this cooler thing that runs ice water through a pad on his knee to help the swelling, and swelled up it is.  Isaac is not an overly patient, patient.  It about drives him crazy just laying and sitting around the house!  He wouldn't mind if people prayed for his knee to heal, and patience! 

Arthur and I were gone with Isaac three days this week and then today decided to head to GF to pick up maze stuff since almost every other day till the maze opens is busy.  This is just a sneak peak at the fun stuff we got to buy!  I love pushing a cart full of candy in Sam's Club and watching children's eyes get big when they see it!  Fun shopping but money sure can disappear fast!  
Well, I have things to do and I have a headache :( so I don't want to spend too much time on here.  Shopping always gives me a headache, I figure it's the lighting in the stores?  Who knows, but it almost always happens. Have a great evening and please do pray for Isaac.  Thanks!


  1. My hands always swell in stores. I've always wondered if it was the lighting. :)

  2. Stay strong Isaac and wait for your knee to completely heal :D Lam 3:25-26 ....sbue

  3. That is a LOT of candy! :)
    Praying for Isaac to have a speedy recovery. I can just imagine if one of our busy guys had to be immobile for a week! That would be a lesson in patience indeed...
    I'm also praying for your corn maze to turn out well again this year. Some of us were talking on the way home today that it would be really great to make it out your way this year to see (and help?) with your maze fun for a weekend. :)

  4. Shelly, years ago school always gave me a headache so I figured it was the lights :) Steph, Isaac said he'll "try" to stay strong and Ps. 34:1! Cora, Isaac said thanks for the sympathy and we would love to have you come help some weekend! Let us know if it works.

  5. Healing prayers going up for your son (and WOW that's a lotta candy!)

  6. Bonny, Isaac will appreciate you praying for him! That is a lot of candy but you can't see the whole pile of it in the picture!


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