Saturday, November 9, 2013

Spinning Wheat or Dried Stem?

After the longest time, I finally decided on the Dried Stem.  That's the color of paint I bought for our new living room, a tannish, brownish, cream color.  Arthur helped to decide and the names of colors amused him. I thought it would be a fun job to name colors!

It's opening deer hunting day.  Only Silas and Priscilla are going out this year since they are only giving out buck permits in our area.

Meanwhile, my dad had a mild heart attack last week and I went to Grand Forks with my mom.  Arthur was headed to pick me up when he hit a deer and totaled his dad's truck.  Not good.  I ended up sitting in the hospital waiting room till about midnight when he finally got there to pick me up.  I was entertained by the waiting room TV.  I had this very irresistable urge to fast forward those repetitious commercials! I decided I never want to buy a storage locker full of stuff at an auction as one show was about. What a good reminder of how temporal things in this life are. Also felt for the house remodel guy who was trying to get a house remodeled by a deadline.  My dad is home and doing okay and I am glad to be home where no one is showing me how things should be built!

I finished the last coat of putty and after just a little more sanding we should be ready to texture the ceiling next week and start painting.  Yes, the home remodel show let me know that textured ceilings are no longer in style.  No matter, it will fit the rest of our house and I'm not overly confident that the ceiling is free of imperfections that will need hiding!

I made caramel apples today.  We do that once every fall.  Hint - don't cut the apples in fourth to dip in caramel, which would make them easier to eat.  The caramel falls off the cut sides.  They are easier to eat though!

Need a Christmas present idea for all the families with children on your list?  Head over to and buy a copy of their DVD called ABC Say it With Me.  I know my grandchildren will be getting one!  It's a very cute DVD done by the Moore family with a Bible verse for each letter and then they do a short "drama" for each letter to illustrate it.  Very cute, fun to watch, very clean, and hopefully they will learn lots of Bible verses watching it!  No, they didn't ask me to promote this! You can watch trailers of it on their website.

Have a great weekend enjoying God's blessings!



  1. I have always thought naming paint colors would be fun! Don't worry about the ceilings being out of style--it'll come back in! I paper my walls and everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I love it and it'll someday be back in style--meanwhile I'm happy with it!

  2. I like my wallpapered kitchen too! It does need replacing as its in bad shape but it will have to wait.


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