Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Addition Progress

I have time for a quick post.  We got home from the Bible Bee with this gorgeous coat of fluffy snow on the trees.  They say we're suppose to get more tonight, but if not, we already have a good ground cover of it.

When we were gone, Amos came over and put up the ceiling fans.  I love having a separate light switch to run just the fans instead of pulling strings like we do now.

The last couple of days I've been laying tile between the two doors.  This corner is where the wood stove goes.  Today I put the grout in and Miriam helped wash the tiles.

Miriam washing tiles.  She also stained the woodwork when we were gone and you can see the "Dried Stem" paint.  At first I didn't care for it but its growing on me!  Gotta go!  Have a great evening enjoying God's blessings!


  1. Don't look too close at the tiling! It's my first time doing it and its a little like quilting - hard to get everything to line up perfect!

  2. Thanks for posting! I think the tiling looks pretty impressive - wish I could be there to see it myself :)

  3. Looks great! sbue

  4. I think it all looks really nice!!! Isn't it nice when it's cold outside to work inside? :)

  5. Hello Camille,
    I am visiting from As Lillies Sewing. I've enjoyed your recent posts and look forward to visiting again.
    Congratulations to your daughter on qualifying for the National Bible Bee. A young lady from our homeschool group also qualified this year!


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