Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Post

The day after Christmas all of our "kids" headed down to Illinois for Caleb P.'s wedding.  Isaac is on the far right as a groomsman.  They thought the wedding was wonderful and everyone came home excited about it and everyone they visited with.  Thank you, MC family, for keeping them!

We had Christmas at our house and, like always, it was the children that make the gift giving fun! These brothers sure have a lot of fun even though they missed their little cousins and Uncle Aaron and Aunty Naomi. (We all missed them!)

My side of the family also came over for Christmas one day.

I loved seeing my nephews, and Amos and Silas, playing with legos with the little men.

On the other side of the family, we had several days of fellowship, games, and joking around, not to mention tons of food!  Priscilla, Abby and Rachel have always been close friends.

It does get a little wild at times!  I have no idea where these hats came from but you probably can guess who everyone on the photo is if you know the family!  Silas got his in the white elephant drawing and thought it might keep him extra warm this cold winter!

Speaking of weather, its been a long time since we've had a winter this cold.  Somehow you get used to it though and it actually felt good out there today when it got up to five below zero!  When it gets really cold, say 25 below or so, it almost takes your breath away but it feel so good breathing that cool, crisp, clean air!  You know you live in northern Minnesota when you go shopping up town and all the cars are running, with no people in them!  Most probably aren't locked either but no one wants them to get cold or not start so they leave them running.  Now that we've gotten used to it, you actually see people out with light jackets on, not me though!

I look forward to this next year and what God has in store for us all.  One thing I look forward to is some kind of  "house party", not sure yet or when.  Our house is 100 years old this year and we would love to do something and the girls are looking forward to wearing some 1914 dresses and figuring out what we can serve for food that was available and common back in 1914.  Let us know if you have any ideas.

I also look forward to a couple of months before spring comes to get some other house projects done and finish the living room, not to mention start thinking about the upcoming maze season. I look forward to seeing how God works in each member of our family and seeing things progress closer and closer till that great day when we can all be together in heaven. I love the thought that the Lord could return this year!!

Have a great evening and Happy New Year!

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