Monday, February 3, 2014

The Long Winter

Yes, I know that's a Little House book title but it sure describes this winter!  We've had very few days above zero, although I've enjoyed the quieter days to get some projects done.  Today is gorgeous outside!  That's one thing I love about Minnesota, such variety in weather, although the winter is getting long and I look forward to walking on dirt again and watching the first things poke up in the garden.

We haven't posted for a long time and since then Arthur got a "new" tractor.  Not new compared to a lot of farmers, but he's pretty excited about using it.  Here's Isaac checking it out.
Okay, I know I've posted about our new living room but I wanted to tell about a few things.  Naomi has been asking for details!  Anyway, several years ago I bought these hooks from Hobby Lobby for that "someday" project and finally got a chance to use them.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and I enjoy the older look of the hooks.

One thing we needed in this big room was a big coffee table.  They cost a lot.  So, I showed Arthur a picture of a coffee table made out of pallets and he got right to work making me one.  It's just perfect for putting feet up on, storing our Bibles and hymnbooks for family devotions, games, etc.  Thank you, Arthur!  I like the rustic look of it and he reinforced it enough that our whole family could jump together on it without it breaking! You can't see it in this picture but I bought a printed curtain from Menards that matched the curtains I am using in this room to make some pillows out of.  Then I saw two pillows I really liked at Kmart and bought them instead.  When I got home, I discovered the pillows I bought were the same material as the extra curtain I bought.  So, Hosanna made me two more pillows and this runner for the coffee table.  It's not easy finding things with burgundy in them so this worked nicely. If you look closely at the door you can see the snowdrift  working it's way up the door!

Silas is excited about a Ford Taurus that he found in the local want ads.  It's a pretty nice little used car.

Otherwise, we've just been keeping busy doing this or that.  The farm work is extra hard when its so cold out and the cattle eat and eat and eat.

If you live in Minnesota you know Tuesday night are the
precinct caucuses.  Please go if you can!  So many states don't have this grassroots level of participation and it's so important.  One thing we are looking forward to is the straw poll for senate (those running against Al Franken) and for governor (those running against Mark Dayton).  We met a lot of the candidates at a forum but still aren't sure which is the best.  Personally, I like to check out their spiritual beliefs to see if any of them will have a godly view of how they would run things.  I'm not sure if any of the governor candidates are born again believers and I know of only one senate candidate that is for sure.  Overall, they would probably all do a fair job. Somehow there's a shortage of godly men running for office.  Maybe there's a reason our country no longer looks to God for help.  If there are any godly men out there reading this who enjoy politics, we need good men who will look to God for help, who will see things from a godly worldview, and maintain godly character.

Today I'm working on getting a new library table ready for Sunday.  One video we have really enjoyed is
"Indescribable".  If you haven't seen it, go buy it!  It's the dramatized hymn history for the hymn, "The Love of God".   Priscilla's favorite for the table will be the DVD "The Adventures of Roman and Jorge" put out by Living Waters. It's a DVD of humorous clips of soul-winning with some great information between the clips.

Well, that's all for today.  I'll try not to wait so long to post again!  May God bless you as you enjoy this gorgeous day He's given us!

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  1. Thank you very much for the posts and pictures! The car and the tractor and the addition look great! Tell the kids to be careful ice skating...


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