Monday, March 10, 2014

Trip to Tennessee

Arthur, Miriam and I headed down to Tennessee to visit Aaron and Naomi and the grandchildren.  One thing the girls love is Arthur reading to them. Actually, they like anyone who will read to them!  

We thought we would get away from the snow for a few days, but no, they got snow right before we came.  Arthur couldn't resist sledding down the hills around their house but first gave Esther and Anna a ride. 

And then there is sweet little baby Aaron!  What a happy little guy!  We held him, and held him, and held him as much as we could.  I wish I had better pictures of him but our camera just didn't do so good.  He has cute little dimples and a sweet little smile.

They had snow down there but I couldn't resist getting a picture of the green perennials starting to come up.  What a joy to see green!! Those of you further north than Tennessee know what I mean!!

The picture doesn't capture it but there is a nice coating of ice on all the trees and it was so pretty!  The roads were another thing.  We just don't get roads that terrible around here!  They get snow covered but  because its so cold they really aren't all that bad.  The colder it gets the less icy they are.  But down there the back roads were really, really slick.  I don't think I've ever been that terrified of being in a vehicle!  Course up here if you go in the ditch you simply get stuck in the deep snow. Down there they have all these steep hills dropping off beside the road and I could just see us rolling over and over down the hill.  God kept us safe though and once we got to their house we stayed there till the roads had cleared some.

The little girls love their Aunty Miriam.  Someone to tirelessly play with them!  

Esther crawled under a blanket with Miriam.  You can tell she's pretty pleased and thought it quite special!

Arthur with grandson number five.  

We tried hard to get a picture of all the grandchildren together.  Getting them all to look at the camera at the same time with a smile was very difficult but that makes it all the more special!  These kids sure have fun together!  This picture was taken at Jordan P.'s wedding in Illinois.  We stopped by for the wedding on our way home.  What a beautiful wedding with an awesome couple that loves God!!  We are so glad it worked out to go!

Pastor Aaron holding little Aaron at the wedding.  He's one happy dad!

And one more of the little guy.   I wish it was clearer but I couldn't resist posting one more. On our way home Sunday morning we stopped by a church in Duluth. It's amazing how good of fellowship you can have with other believers who you've never met. We were blessed by the service and their hospitality. As much as we loved our trip and had a wonderful time, it was good to get home and hear all the news and things that happened while we were gone.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing! : ) Love the photo of all the grandkids!

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful family of grandchildren! I miss mine so much--like you they live far away from me. Loved the comment about believers having such good fellowship together. I've noticed the same thing. It's God's Spirit in our hearts that unites us in common fellowship even if we are basically strangers to one another. Nice post.


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