Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keeping Busy - Farm, Trapping, Home, and Church

Isaac has been busy since the rivers opened up doing some beaver trapping.  I can't help but love those long teeth they use to cut down trees!  Hopefully Isaac and Matthew M. are okay.  They've been out in the woods since early yesterday morning doing a really long trapping route.

Arthur has been working almost nonstop checking on beef cows, helping cows calve if they need it, making sure the new calves get the hang of drinking from mama cow, vaccinating them, keeping up the records of which cow had what calf, and so forth.  

Aaron and Naomi and the little ones are staying at our house while they get Isaac's trailer in livable condition for the summer.  We had a birthday party for Naomi and some watched Aunty Ellen win many rounds of Boggle :)  Naomi had a good birthday!  The little girls aren't feeling good and just want to be held so we all keep busy passing them around along with sharing baby Aaron Joseph.

This is a posed picture of Priscilla taken right after her piano recital.  She played her solo beautifully and then did a nice duet with her cousin Elizabeth.

Yeah!!  Our church is getting new carpet!  A bunch of the guys showed up to help take out the old carpet and move pews and stuff around.  If anyone needs some used carpet they could probably get some. Talk to Arthur or my father-in-law or Mr. J.  Lots of the pieces don't hardly look worn at all.  Mr. J. and sons painted the walls earlier since that needed doing as well so everything looks so nice. 

There's a little snow in the forecast so when that's done I'll change the header!

I need to go.  You all have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings! 


  1. Wow! I could use a 26' x 17' of that carpet!!! :)

  2. You'll have to post a picture of the carpet when it is all finished. Thanks for keeping me posted! Zanna


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