Saturday, June 7, 2014


Well, VBS for 2014 is over.  We ended up with 104 children and 39 workers.  What a great week!  One mother said she could hear her children singing the songs when they were in bed at night.  We heard about some sisters who took turns saying verses and answering the five questions for the week to each other.  One man said the program almost brought tears to his eyes.  Hopefully the lives of these little ones will be challenged by God's plan for their lives and will seek His will every day.

BIG thank you to those that helped!!!!!!!!  We so appreciated those that gave up their week to serve God by ministering to "the least of these". We also appreciate the guys who helped with VBS during the day and then headed to work for the night shift.  What a commitment!

I love the picture of all the children up front, leaders too.  Esther is the little girl in the front for those that would like to know!

Meanwhile, Arthur is busy trying to get field stuff done and is right now rolling a field.  Isaac is still down at Coast Guard training and should be back Sunday.  We really, really missed having him and Hosanna gone this year for VBS.  Silas mowed lawns all day for people.  We finished planting the garden and did yard work.  The grass grows so fast this time of year with all the rain.  Similar to the spiritual lives that grew so much this week with a steady diet of God's Word, Bible memory and songs about God.

It was a good week and we look forward to having a day of rest.  Have a great day tomorrow!

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