Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This and That

We really miss Hosanna!  But, since she's gone, her bed has become the catch all for the maze boxes that keep arriving in the mail.  We thought she might enjoy seeing a picture of it.  For those wondering, things are going really good for Hosanna.  She is super busy and really enjoys her work.

The boys have been at our house some as we wait for their new little brother, or sister,  to arrive.  They found peeling corncobs very fascinating. 

And then there's these two! :)  Silas just keeps downloading more and more pictures on my computer of the two of them so I thought I'd share one I liked.  If you look close, there are mosquitoes sitting on Silas' arm and on Karen's shirt.  The mosquitoes are really, really bad this year with all of the rain and cool weather.  If you want to 'Save the Date', its October 18th.

Meanwhile, Isaac has done a little fishing but mostly farm work.  Arthur is milking cows tonight.  Miriam is making a large batch of frozen fruit cups with all the great fruit available this time of year in the store and in our freezer.  Priscilla is getting a head start on dessert for Sunday since we're on lunch at church.  I'm watching the little people who are watching "Lost in Silver Canyon". Silas is at work.  So, things continue to roll along.

Have a great evening!  Pray for Rebekah and the baby!

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  1. Wow! That is a lot of stuff. ~Hosanna


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