Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Arthur

Happy Birthday, Arthur!
We love you!!!
(best pictures I could find that I haven't posted already!)
Things you may not know about Arthur:

1. He got saved when he was just a little boy!

2. He went in debt one time in his life, when he was 16 to buy his first cows.

3. He was (still is :) a great hockey player.  When he went to the Christian school in 10th grade, a lot of people were mad!  He was expected to go pro but chose a christian education over a hockey career. We still run into people, even in other towns that remember his playing.

4. He loves meat and potatoes.

5. He does not like junk food - at least not too much!

6. He uses hand 
motions a lot.  He uses motions before the words come out so the whole knows when he puts his hand out, he probably wants a phone, and things like that.
7. He has a weekly jail ministry with another church guy.  We have fun Wednesday nights telling people on the phone, "He's in jail".

8. He went to Israel in college.

9. His favorite hunting is goose and duck hunting.

10. When he was little, he road his trike down the stairs. He ended up wearing a helmet for awhile because he was always getting hurt.

11. He took me out on our first date when we were 13!

12. He hates peas, canned especially.

13. Some of his favorite hymns are "Oh, it is Wonderful to Be a Christian" and "Like a River Glorious".

14. As a boy in school, instead of working hard on his Iowa Basic tests, he would see what kind of designs he could make while coloring in the circles.

15. His spiritual gift is evangelism and he loves to share the gospel.

16. Eats apples when his boat is sinking. (Ask the J. family about that!)

17. Loves to buy strange animals at auctions.

18. Loves to buy food in bulk.  If its on a great sale, he'll fill his cart!

19. Was a dairy goat farmer for awhile when we first got married in Texas.

20. Has lots of kids!  If you're under 30, and you're with him, people will assume you belong to him!

21. Was in two movies while in college, The Printing and Captive Faith.

22. Dilutes everything - he adds lots of water to juice, milk or vinegar to soup, lots of milk to a tiny bit of coffee.

23. Always has to call his phone to find it.

24. Played saxophone in high school.

25. Favorite thing to do with the grandkids is to look at cow catalogs with them and teach them cattle breeds.

That's all for now.  We love him and appreciate all he does for his family and his desire to serve God!


  1. Who was he in The Printing? Love that movie.
    Deanna Stanton

  2. Its such a small part that if you blink you'll miss it! He's the one in the plaid shirt that skates off with the Bible at the very end! They filmed the winter scenes at the college we were at and needed someone that could skate good and he got the job. I would've been one of the ones skating in the end scene too but Naomi started to cry (she was pretty little) and it was cold so I had to leave :( But, Galina is wearing my skates so I feel pretty good and getting to watch it being filmed was fun too. Even without Arthur's little part, we love the movie too!


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