Saturday, October 25, 2014


Its been a couple of really rollercoaster weeks! 
Less than two weeks ago the maze finished. Its a relief because we finally can get some sleep, and yet there is so much clean up, bills to pay, things to put away, etc.  I think we've almost wrapped it up! Arthur's chopping the corn and I feel sorry for those that call about bringing a group to the maze.  Too late. Then we lost a son and gained a daughter.  Silas was my "baby boy" and it wasn't easy to see him get married, but what a joy to know he has a godly wife to stand by him!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for them! Naomi and Aaron moved to their church house.  We'll miss having them so close but how fun to see them make a church their home! Then Hosanna came home after almost seven months of being gone.  We finally had time this week to sit down and visit and then she left again yesterday.  Sigh.  I guess we can finish the garden now. She left some pictures for me to post.

This isn't the greatest photo but it shows Hosanna working in the warehouse packing up Bible Bee boxes. Maybe one of these boxes went to your house!

Hosanna's church in Ohio did the same VBS we did this year so we enjoyed comparing things.

Hosanna stays with a wonderful older couple and they enjoy taking her places.  I'm not even sure where this is but it sure is pretty. I think they had a family get-together at this park.

Hosanna also was in a cornfest parade. (Just can't get away from that corn no matter how far you travel!)  She was dressed up as an Operation Christmas Child gift box and walked in the parade.

Some of Hosanna's friends going on a hayride at a cornmaze!  

GraceAnn and Hosanna playing the maze game.  It was actually a large dairy operation that had a cornmaze with it.

Arthur and his dad took Hosanna to the Fargo airport yesterday.  She made it back to Ohio before they got home!  What a blessing planes can be! Today she left for Florida for the National Bible Bee to help get things set up. Being down there, I don't think she'll be missing us like we miss her!  A few more weeks and she'll be home again.

And back at home, Isaac took some of Rebekah's relatives out fishing this last week. They were up for the wedding.  Anyway, Daniel loves fishing and enjoyed catching some big ones! In fact, they got a lot of nice fish! 
Isaac also got his deer, a nice large doe, with a bow. (That was a few weeks ago but I think I forgot to mention it.) He also bought two pickup trucks to use or fix and sell. One might be made into his trapping truck.
 Arthur is getting the cattle closer to home to vaccinate next week.
 Silas and Karen are on their honeymoon and we've been cleaning up and working on their home-sweet-home along with J. family members. Yes, we've heard from them. Even got a text picture of Silas at none other than, a corn maze!
I must be getting rested up because I'm starting to plan my next project - the kitchen!  It needs help so bad!  Well, you all have a wonderful day enjoying the beautiful fall weather God is sending us!


  1. Wow, it sounds like a crazy couple of weeks! Glad to hear you can start settling down for the fall/coming winter with the maze being done for the year now. :)

  2. How good to see how the Lord continues to bless you all! Your blog just came to mind; it's surprising I remembered the blog address. My name is Naomi, and I visited your blog years ago when I lived in Alaska. My parents are missionaries in Alaska. Your daughter Naomi might remember me. :) I'm looking forward to catching up over the next few days.

    As for me, God's path has led me in ways I surely could not have expected! I recently graduated from Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma, and I'm currently living in Florida with my family as my dad is on medical furlough. My days are filled with the lives of little people. I'm teaching preschool -- 15 three-year-olds! Every day is an adventure.

    God is faithful!

    Because of Jesus Christ,

    Naomi Ungry


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