Friday, November 21, 2014

This and That

Isaac had his 25th birthday about a week ago. I don't have a great picture to post of him but he's been busy trapping lately, and in this photo he's reaching down into the icy water to check a beaver trap.  We love you Isaac and look forward to seeing God do more great things in your life in the coming year!

I'm still working, with a lot of Arthur and Miriam's help, on what feels like a never ending project.  One thing I did when taking off the kitchen door handles is spray them with this neat looking spray paint from Menards.  I've sprayed these same handles a number of times over the years. Its starting to look really nice and the end is in sight.

Tomorrow, Arthur heads to Ohio to drive home with Hosanna.  We are excited to have her coming home!

Have a great weekend praising God!

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