Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peppermint, Ahh!

I would have to say, that other than chocolate, my favorite baking flavor year around, is peppermint.

Tonight I tried something I read about, Peppermint Syrup.  It was so easy and it is SO delicious!  Take two cups sugar, one cup water, and six large broken up candy canes. (I used seven and its a little strong - I like it, but six would probably be sufficient)  Stir till it comes to a boil, and stir for two minutes while boiling.  No longer.  As you can see the candy canes didn't completely melt, but I'm guessing the first person that walks in the door tonight will scoop them out and that will be that!
I can imagine this syrup will be fantastic on ice cream, and definitely in hot chocolate, and even coffee.  So, if you need a quick treat, try this one!

Meanwhile, something very exciting happened yesterday!  I'm afraid my lips are sealed for at least another week!  We'll post about it as soon as we get permission!

Have a great evening enjoying all the wonderful flavors that God has given us!  He wouldn't have had to give us flavors you know, but I'm so glad He did!


  1. Mmmmmmm, I LOVE mint too! I just made some mints today to freeze for our new years party and it was tempting to eat more than just a few little pinches. ;)
    Looking forward to hearing about the exciting thing that happened!

  2. How intense is it? Just wondering how much it would take to add to things to get the flavor. Have you used any yet? Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & we look forward to the exciting news :) Andrea H

  3. It's pretty strong. It wouldn't take much.


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