Thursday, January 29, 2015

The New Farmdog

Meet Mike.  A beautiful golden retriever.  Ever since we got married, when we needed a new dog, we would pray for one and somehow they always showed up. Usually a drop off from who knows who. This time it was no different. The C. family left our yard and took their dog with them and so this fall we started praying about a dog. We got a call from the G. family way down in Tennessee.  They were coming up and were wondering if we could use four dogs.  (If four of us pray for a dog did that mean God was going to send us four?)  We heard Arthur tell Mr. G. that yes, we would like four dogs.  It was no problem finding homes for the three that we didn't keep.  The C. family took one and it has become "Lazy Daisy" to them since it stays in the house, and seems lazy next to their outside dog! Their other dog is really hyperactive! They love him! Silas took one and it stays guard on their porch. It's their baby, for a little while anyway! Then E. family took one and I know their boys and girls are loving it.  Even saw a picture of it on Wiktel the other day!  We kept one and called it Mike.  The girls named it that.

It's really Arthur's dog.  He spoils Mike and brings him in the house occasionally. He follows Arthur around whether its in the barn or machine shed or around the yard. He even lets Mike lick his face.  So, we love our new dog and are so thankful to God for providing Mike for us through the G. family!!!  

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  1. Hello, K family!

    It is so nice to *meet* you all and I look forward to getting to know you better! :) I am always delighted to meet fellow member's of Christ's body -- it is so good to have such a big family!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment -- it really was a timely encouragement!

    Looking forward to "hearing" from you again!



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