Monday, April 27, 2015

ACE Convention

This past week, Dad, Hosanna, Jessica J. and myself, (Priscilla) attended the Regional A.C.E. Student Convention. We had a great time, and we're very thankful that God worked it out for us all to go. Dad was the head Chess and Checkers Judge, and he also helped judge some of the ping-pong.

Dad and Hosanna both had the chance to help hand out ribbons, and here Hosanna is giving out some of the basketball awards. Hosanna was also the spelling and Bible Memory judge, and she helped Dad a bunch.

I competed in ten different category's and here, Mr. Ballenger the main speaker, is presenting me with a Bible for accomplishing the Golden Apple Award. (That's memorizing the book of Proverbs, and no, I didn't have to say it all in one sitting. I only had to do one chapter at a time.)

Here's the speaker and I together with the Bible.

Here, I'm playing a piano solo, it went fairly well, and I really enjoyed getting the judging sheets back.

I did the limited freestyle female archery division, and it just so happened that when it was my turn to shoot, I was still wearing my costume from my Dramatic Monologue. We had to shoot from 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards.

This is right before my vocal solo. A special thanks to Jessica for coming along and playing the piano for me, and taking most of the pictures in this post.

Pastor C. giving me a first place ribbon for piano.

My dramatic monologue went very well, and I had to do a command performance of it at the morning rally the next day. For the Dramatic monologue, you have to write your own script, and then perform it. My Dramatic Monologue was on the hymn history of "Let the Lower Lights be Burning" coming at it from the view point of Philip Bliss's granddaughter. I had never preformed in front of so many people,  and I was really nervous. However, I think sometimes things go better when we're really nervous, because we pray more about it, and we really have to trust God to work through us.

Jessica and I in one of the churches that we had some competition. It was a great trip, there was some really good preaching, and I found it really encouraging to be surrounded by so many Christian young people. There was a lot of good character and godly sportsman attitudes shown, and I'm really looking forward to the international competition in LasCruses, New Mexico in May! A huge thanks to the G. family for all of the work, time, and effort put into the convention. It was a huge blessing to all of us who attended. (It's also where Mom got the idea for the Homeschool tournament.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing about your trip, Priscilla! It looks like a really neat convention! I'm so glad that you (and some of your family) were able to go and be encouraged in the Lord!

    In Christ,
    Sarah F.


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