Monday, May 11, 2015

This and That

The guys, and Karen and Priscilla  finished off spring with a little more sucker fishing.

Got one!
The M. family from South Dakota way visit us this weekend and the ladies, including Rebekah and Naomi came along to Priscilla's senior piano recital while the guys did some guy things and watched the children. Priscilla played two songs and sang two songs.  She did fantastic and managed to hit those high notes!

Last weekend we started the busy wedding season by going to Tracy T's wedding.  We've know Tracy for years and years and so enjoyed seeing such a lovely young lady get married to such a nice young man.

Out of order but this is Priscilla with her piano teacher who was a friend of mine, way, way back when.

Aimee and Hosanna enjoyed playing piano and guitar duets.  They sound so nice together!

We took the M. family to see "The Shed" with all of its special and old cars.  If you like old cars, you'd love this place!

This weekend my nephew Matthew got married to a sweet girl.  Above you see my dad doing a scripture reading.

And the sweet couple!

And finally, the reception at the Gardens. I can't wait to see what God has planned for Matt and Alyssa!

Well, we've had a lot of late nights this weekend, and I need sleep, so have a great day!

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