Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Early morning goose / duck hunting fits in well with farming.  You can go out early enough that you still get in a days worth of work!  Here's Joshua, Matthew, Arthur and Caleb with their flock. Typically I don't care for goose meat but it makes great fajitas!

Today's catch with Jeshua, Joshua, and Arthur.

Isaac asked me awhile back if there's anything I'd like him to do for me before he gets married.  Yes, I want new flooring laid, and so Isaac is busy working on it.  It's just laminate, and we are putting the same in both the dining room and kitchen.  Thank you, Isaac!  No more carpet under the table! I know its not the "perfect" color for our woodwork but I liked the wide planks and wanted to have the rooms as bright as possible so went with the oak look. The dark parts in the flooring match the woodwork so that will have to do!

Have a great day everyone!

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