Friday, December 4, 2015

Bible Bee Nationals

Priscilla here, sorry we've taken so long to post about the Bible Bee, but we had some computer trouble:( Well, here we are finally. The drive to San Antonio, TX was over 24 hours, so we were  really glad when we finally got there and could rest a little. This is the view from our hotel room deck. The hotel was REALLY nice, and we enjoyed the service there. It almost made us feel like royalty the way they waited on us.

We didn't actually get many good pictures at the Bible Bee due to the lighting in the building, and our camera that's not so good, so that's why I don't have more pictures of us there. This is us seniors waiting for the opening ceremony. I'm sitting between Gloria K. and Rebekah L. I had a great time meeting so many awesome new friends!!

I think this is almost all of us Senior Bible Bee contestants. 

We did take one morning and headed over to the Alamo. I had never been there, and I really enjoyed seeing it. The wall around it was much longer than I had imagined it to be. After being there and seeing the wall, it makes you understand how amazing and miraculous it was that they protected it for as long as they did. 

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but if you're ever down that way, it's totally worth seeing. If you grew up watching Davy Crockett, you'll especially appreciate seeing the things in the museum. Things like Davy Crockett's rifle, Fess Parker's rifle from the movie, Jim Bowie's knife, Col. Travis's diary, old family Bibles, and other things.

One afternoon, Dad and Mom managed to find time to take off and go down to the ocean. Mom hadn't been back to that spot since their honeymoon, so it was really neat for them to be able to go to Padre Island.

This is me right before the closing ceremony. I don't know exactly how I placed, except that I wasn't in the top fifteen. I had a wonderful time, and I think everyone should do the Bible Bee! It was neat seeing how everyone there was so focused on encouraging one another. The awesome thing about this competition is that we all walk away with the prize of God's Word in our hearts. I was really blessed by seeing everyone so focused on knowing God better, and not on their test scores. Because knowing God is what's important.

Dr. James Dobson spoke at the closing ceremony, and he did a great job. They had a few amazing speakers including David Barton, (we really enjoyed that:) Ray Comfort, E.Z. and Mr. Upton.

 Well, after TX and temperatures in the 70's, coming home to three inches of snow was interesting. We had a good Thanksgiving, and are so thankful for all that God's been doing in our lives.

 The day after Thanksgiving, Mom and I did a Corn Maze Booth at the Craft Show. (pictured below)
And now, we're working on getting things ready for Christmas.
Hosanna, Isaac, and Aimee, did a Birthday Party for Jesus at Awanas, Dad's busy milking cows and keeping the farm running. Mom is working on Christmas gifts, and Miriam is keeping us all alive and in line.

Have a blessed day, and stay Thankful:)!!!!!!!!!!:)

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  1. Thank you for posting! Looks like it was a wonderful trip. -Jess


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