Saturday, April 9, 2016

Endorsing Convention

There was a MN District 1 endorsing convention last night that Arthur and Hosanna were involved in. There were six different people running for MN senate district 1 Republican place as well as our state representative Dan Fabian needed endorsing.

Mark Johnson got the endorsement by, well, most all of the votes! He is a good man and we are excited to have him running for this office. Our current DFL state senator has been there for years and years but is retiring this year so we are excited to have a good conservative candidate to support. 

Arthur and our state representative Dan Fabian get along good and Arthur feels free to share any concerns he has with him. Sorry it's blurry, I sent my old camera along.

Arthur and Hosanna had a good evening with Arthur being a delegate and Hosanna alternate. Normally alternates don't vote unless they get seated and she got seated so was able to vote. A big thank you to Amos for milking so Arthur could go!!

Meanwhile, back on the farm, the beef calves are starting to be born. This means constantly checking the beef cows for calving problems and then tagging them when they are born. Isaac's beef cows are almost done calving so he's helping Arthur out as needed. The snow is pretty much gone with a dusting each night that melts in the morning. It's still pretty cold out!

Priscilla is wrapping up book four in her Amy's Adventures series and will post on her blog when that's ready. Miriam and Hosanna are keeping busy with the house they clean, care center work, and delivering meals for the elderly in town through Meals-on-Wheels. Miriam is also helping with VBS preparation. Hosanna is also enjoying opportunities to do chalk drawing different places.  I'm working on VBS and maze stuff. I know, it seems early, but it takes a long time to get some stuff done and its easier to do it now when its not as nice outside than do things in the summer when I'd rather be outside.

Have a great weekend serving God and don't forget to go to church this Sunday! 

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