Monday, April 4, 2016

The Mieczkowski's Visit

The Mieczkowski family came up here to Warroad and gave a concert at our church.  I think everyone there really enjoyed it! I know we did! You can get their CD at:  It's beautiful instrumental music. I love getting the words to the songs as they play and was very blessed by listening to them in person.

We were also excited to have them at our house! We first met each other's families years ago on each other's blogs. Then we met them at the National Bible Bee in Nashville. And again at the National Bible Bee in Tennessee. We had a great time there hiking together in a park in the Smokey Mountains with our picnic lunches. So, with that said, we were excited to have them come all the way up here to minister in our church and to give us lots of fellowship!  I love it when you "click" with another family and get along, mostly because of being members of the same "family" of God! 

We invited the Mitton's over Sunday evening and the three families had a great time playing games. 

Dutch Blitz with this many people gets pretty wild!

We ate nachos.  Of course. We always give company nachos! 

Then, with all three families playing, we played Kingdoms, a new game to us.  There's not many things you can play with a group this big but it was great and we will do it again sometime.

And this is what it looks like when you get three families together that "click"!

A big thank you to the Mitton family for joining us. And a VERY big thank you to the Mieczkowski family for coming all the way up here to spend a few days with us!  We enjoyed the late nights, singing together, walks outside, showing you the farm, and all the great fellowship!! You are welcome to come back anytime!  I'd say more, but they will be reading this ;)


  1. Thank y'all so much for having us! It was an absolute blast :)

  2. Looks like you all had too much fun!!!!!!! So glad the visit worked out :)

  3. Looks like a like fun! ;) I am glad we got to see you guys while we were up there last week. And thank you for all the farm fresh milk, I really enjoyed it! And thank you to Grandma Krahn for the aloe plant. We will enjoy having that. ;)

  4. We wish you could have been here, Grace! I'm glad we got to see you all too, Ella. Next time, stay a little longer!!

  5. We had an awesome time! It was great getting to know your family better and being able to fellowship with your church family as well! (both senses of the word family, lol!)

  6. We know you're really busy, Jon, so thank you for coming along!


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