Monday, June 6, 2016

Last Week

Last weekend we headed south to pick up Priscilla from the ACE convention, and on the way our van died. No tears on my part, but it was an inconvenience. On Memorial Day Weekend, late in the afternoon, there was only one place we could get to to get another vehicle that would take ours.

We headed for the row with the cheapest vehicles and came away with an adorable PT Cruiser. We'd love to sell it and get a van if anyone is interested. We were pretty packed in and surprised Priscilla when picking her up.

After getting Priscilla, we headed east to drop Miriam off at camp for the summer where she is working in the kitchen. Northland Camp is as pretty as ever, even more so than when we were there 12 years ago.

On Friday we started our "Basic Ministry Training". It's pretty much training for VBS, fair ministry, and to give those that come training in soulwinning. Arthur did most of the teaching with most of it being centered on learning the wordless book. Did you know that if you can tell the wordless book, you can share the gospel anywhere, anytime, even without the book. It's such a good basic way to learn how to share the gospel.

Little Samuel always ready to brighten your day with a smile!

We took time to work on the theme skit for VBS which is "Choosing to Serve the King" this year. I will admit I was a little nervous this year because we have a young VBS staff.  However, I was very please to see how good these young people are and I think it might be one of the best years we've ever had. If you think of it, this week and next, please pray for our VBS. Pray for the children, decision that are made, safety, the workers, etc. We need a lot of prayer!

To help with the fair ministry, Hosanna went over making balloon animals and balloon swords with the group. Elizabeth also taught some face painting.

Caleb demonstrating the wordless book. 

My father-in-law gave a challenging devotional.

Here's the final group picture. This was right after facepainting and some hadn't had time to wash their faces when we called them out for the picture. What a great group of young people!

Also, the petunias got planted along Highway 11.
The garden is in and growing.

Have a wonderful week enjoying God's blessings!

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