Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our Family Christmas

We had Christmas with our immediate family on Saturday. I made sure to get a picture of each family this year and so here's Silas and his family.

Isaac and his family.

Amos and his family.


And Naomi and her family.

The last few years we've gotten together for brunch but this year we did a noon meal. These four loved that they had their own special table, customized with Arthur "made" stools!

Remember all those stockings? Well, the kids had great fun finding out what was in them. 

Sunday night we headed west to go to Aaron's church's Christmas program where they had two of the cutest angels around!  Anna did have a crown and sash but I caught her after she was already taking them off.

So, that leads up to this week and next, which are going to be really busy. We have some overnight company coming so we're cleaning up the house, finishing wrapping up gifts, etc.

Yesterday we had a cow get her leg stuck in a round bale feeder. Not sure how she pulled that one off. Anyway, Arthur got her leg out, and it doesn't seem to be hurt bad, but the cow won't stand up now. If you think of it, would you mind praying that it gets up? We sure would like to save this cow.

The weather has warmed up for a little bit, and so we're getting a little more snow. It's actually nice having it too cold to snow!
Have a wonderful Christmas this week, everyone! Remember to take time to celebrate the baby, our Savior, the one who left His home in Heaven, came to earth as a little baby. Lived, and died, and rose again for us!


  1. Happy Birthday Auntie Camille!!

  2. Thank you, Joanna! I like your new puppy!


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