Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Birthday, Priscilla!

It has been a long time since we took a few days off for no reason at all. In fact, we couldn't remember the last time. Seems like if Arthur gets days off its to go somewhere we have to go. Well, we decided to take a few shopping days for the girls birthdays. Priscilla is twenty today so that makes all of our kids in their 20's for another month anyway. We just went to Fargo and got a two bedroom suite at the Stay bridge Suites. So Nice! We spent our days shopping and visiting stores we never have time for.  We brought some movies along, enjoyed the pool and large exercise room.
We were gone over the weekend and so we enjoyed visiting a couple of churches we had never been to. A big thank you to Isaac and Aimee for taking care of chores for Us! The dairy cows started calving when we were gone so it was a little extra work for was hard to come home. We hadn't been home an hour before a number of people had been to our door and the phone had rang a number of times. We decided that we needed to get away more often!

Have a wonderful birthday today, Priscilla! We love you and appreciate all you do and for your desire to serve God.

Have a wonderful day in the Lord everyone!


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