Saturday, July 29, 2017

July is Almost Over!

My July file of pictures is pretty big as we've packed a lot into this month. It almost makes me glad to turn the page on the calendar on Tuesday! Here's a brief summary of the last couple of weeks!

This week Arthur had "Farm Camp" here on the farm with a great group of boys and other leaders! We're missing a few on the picture, but you get the idea!

They got a lot of work done, including putting up part of a fence at the maze. I can't wait for this project to be done! It will look so nice!!

Most people play capture the flag, but up here, we play "Capture the Bones" with old cow bones!!

The guys put up a ton, literally, of hay and stacked it in the shed, all in very hot weather!

Aimee, Ella and I did cabin inspection each morning and then gave a noon report. It's a good thing. I can't imagine how the bunkhouse would look if there wasn't a daily clean up!!

We all headed over to the maze one night so Silas could grill burgers. Mmm! Thanks, Silas!

And the roof for the farm ball game got a long ways done. This will be great for keeping balls from flying over and keeping out of the rain.  I'm told it's tall enough to back a trailer under if we need to store hay from the rain :)

Before farm camp, my wonderful sisters and I gave my mom a surprise 75th birthday party!
I was so glad to have Ella around to help since the girls are at camp. She came along to get things ready and to pour punch. Thanks, Aimee, for sharing her!!

My mom was really surprised! It was their wedding anniversary so my dad used that as an excuse to get her to town. She was really surprised that her brothers and their wives came up, er, down, from Winnipeg.

We also did the maze float for the Roseau Fair Parade. Between the two parades we passed out about 4,000 maze flyers! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful young people to help us when we get desperate!!! You too, Linda!! Roseau County Ford let us drive a brand new 2017 truck in the parade! Probably hoping that Arthur will take a hint when he test drives it ;) Maybe someday!

Well, I know I'm missing things, like how wonderful of time the girls are having at camp! Two weeks left and they'll be home. Yeah!!

Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!!

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