Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good-bye Gray Car

We're not exactly crying, but it is kind of sad saying good-bye to our faithful "gray car"! We've driven a lot of miles in her (or him) and had several adventures -

There was the time Dad, Miriam, Hosanna, Emily Harris, and I (Naomi) were driving it on the way home from south Texas and we drove into a blizzard, Dad ended up in the ditch and we were making plans to spend the night in the car, but a family stopped and offered to drive us to the nearest town - they pulled it out for us in the morning.

There was the time Amos and Nathan Harris were driving it home from Bemidji on a gravel shortcut through the forest, late at night - and Amos rolled it. Other than some dents and a shattered windshield, it was fine.

Then there was the time Isaac was driving some of us home from a CEF Lock-in, and we got pulled over for the broken taillight (notice the duct tape fix) - that wouldn't have been so bad, but five minutes later we got pulled over for it, again - we took back roads the rest of the way home!

Then this winter Miriam and I had two flat tires - in one day. I'd forgotten a cell phone and we got picked up and brought home both times.

Then the final straw - Dad was in Badger on a quiet Sunday morning, did a U turn without looking - and hit a moving snowplow! It spun the snowplow around and the car hit a stop sign, which dented up the side (only two doors now open) and put the tires out of line. So anyway, we just traded it to a guy, one of Dad's "jail friends" for three days labor - The End.

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