Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Isaac Builds Fire Without a Match - Part 1

I knew I couldn't get this all on one video clip so we split it into two. Isaac has been working on this for a long time. At first he used a bow he made out of wood and some twine but now he's been doing it with just a plain stick he makes and a board. Sometimes he makes the board by hand as you can see here. By the time he's got the fire going, which takes about a minute and a half, our house is blue from smoke. One time he burned a hole in my rug! Usually he blows the fire out but this time the fire in his hand got so big so fast he tossed it out the window. I cut the video just a little short of seeing that! When he twists the stick and applies friction, it's suppose to get to about 900 degrees! His hands are full of blisters but he's been making a fire almost everyday to "toughen" up his hands. If you plan on getting lost in the woods, you might want to bring Isaac along!

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