Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just an Ordinary Day

It's been one of those "ordinary days". The cows were milked early this morning by Isaac and Amos and Silas. Arthur's back has been giving him a little trouble so he's been working in the house getting a few long needed things done. After breakfast most everyone worked hard at their school. Naomi went to Thief River Falls for her piano lesson and Amos and Rebekah went along to shop. The other kids have been working to prepare for the upcoming ACE student convention next week at Prior Lake. They're all doing some Bible memory and archery. Isaac and Silas are also doing chess and Hosanna is doing a piano solo. It's kinda hard practicing archery in a yard full of snow and we've lost a few arrows although the lane Isaac plowed is almost melted. I've got some bread rising and a pot of soup on the stove for supper tonight and plan to get some laundry done and go through clothes in drawers and closets. One of the cows fell down a couple of days ago and still can't stand up so it sounds like butchering might be on the afternoon agenda. It's an old cow so it won't be the most tender but hey, hamburger is not so bad! This evening the older children work at Master Clubs at our church while Priscilla attends. Silas will finish up chores and Arthur will head to Roseau to do a Bible study at the local jail. Just an "ordinary day" - busy, like always. We're so glad God gives us "ordinary days" along with the busy ones. By the way, Naomi informed me this blog's settings didn't allow everyone to leave comments, we fixed that so if you have a comment, go ahead! Have a great day in the Lord!

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