Monday, April 14, 2008

Making Syrup?

Yes, Silas has been into making syrup this year. We don't have maple trees up here but we do have boxelders which are sometimes called a Canadian Maple. Natives and pioneers used to use the boxelder trees to make syrup so why not us! Silas decided to try it and so he "tapped" a couple of trees and as you see he used a part of a water pipe to get the sap out of the trees. He's gotten gallons of the sap this year and it looks just like water and tastes just about like water. Mostly Silas and the boys have just been drinking it but they got some cooking on the stove. We boiled down about five gallons of this sap and ended up with just a little under a pint of syrup. I believe we boiled it too long because it got kinda thick. It tastes a little bit like honey. I'm sure it's probably healthy and the guys seem to enjoy it.

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  1. That looks really interesting. I think mom's hoping to make sugar with the last of our maple sap. (We're going to pull our taps today, since I don't *think* we're getting any more snow--but you never know!)


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