Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Silas - What You've Always Wanted to Know

Our computer "crashed" this week and while we wait to have a new hard drive installed we had Amos bring over his laptop to work on. It's not a good thing because we are not known for backing things up and we have oodles of stuff including pages and pages for VBS this summer, Naomi's paper she wrote for a college class, things I really need for the graduation program, etc. He thought we might be able to save some of it. Naomi said she feels like a family member died! Meanwhile, since we've already told you about Silas' syrup stuff, we thought we'd tell a little more about him all week. The picture is of Silas in his bottle shack. He's got all kinds but especially he likes to dig and hunt for old "antique" ones. So here goes:
Silas Paul Krahn - Birthday 7-16-94
Favorite foods - Pizza, spaghetti
Least favorite - mayonaise, salad dressing, celery
Favorite books - Danny Orlis
Favorite Movie - Flame in the Wind (and other reformation era ones)
Favorite Things to Do - Collect Jars (as you can see), ride horse
Favorite Bible lesson - Daniel
Jobs at Home - Milking cows and feeding them, feeding calves, bedding the cows down with straw
When He grows up - Mission work

So now you know all about Silas!

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