Thursday, April 3, 2008

Naomi a Princess?!

Things have been really busy around here. Naomi told you all about the creation seminar we had at our church and even though we've studied creation a lot it was still very informative. Word has it they might be back next year! Their children want to stay at least a month they said!! Anyway, thanks for those of you that came. We had more people through our church this last Sunday then we've ever had for one event so that was exciting too!

While most of us were gone last week Naomi got a phone call. It was a lady from our local dairy association and was wondering if Naomi would like to be a Roseau County Dairy Princess. You have to be a daughter of a dairy farmer, or employee, and from 18 - 22. She said yes and now we're giving her a hard time about how she needs to get in the barn and start working!! Actually, she does do a lot on the farm. She keeps the farm records, washes barn walls, and helps with whatever needs doing just short of actually milking the cows although she did help with that when she was a little younger. She's rather embarrassed because they want her to ride in a couple of parades and wave at people! No, she won't become Princess Kay and have her head carved in butter at the state fair. Although she'll take the training, they are really looking for someone going into agriculture and someone who's really been into 4-H which we haven't. Oh well, she can be a Princess in Roseau County!


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  2. Now all Naomi needs is her prince and the castle she's always wanted!


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