Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Record Breaking Day!

We had seven calves born today and they were all bull calves! That's our record as the most we've ever had in one day is four. Isaac went out and took pictures of them for our records and "pierced" their ears. It is so fun to watch them get their legs and then after they get a little older watching them run around. Sometime we'll try to get it on video. Anyway, it was a busy day as we took care of some very neglected yard work. Both Hosanna and Naomi are "under the weather" with colds and fevers. Rebekah came over for a few hours and she sewed up a maternity dress. By the way, the two calves that died when we were gone got their heads caught in a gate and a bale ring. They struggle till it's too late. I guess the grass looked greener on the other side, that is, maybe there was some grass on the other side! It's still pretty brown but God is good and continues to send winter and summer which makes life interesting.

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