Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All About Priscilla

My Favorite Books - Sherlock Jones, Detective Zack
My Favorite Videos - Family Videos
My favorite foods - ice cream, candy, fish, mashed potatoes
In my free time I like to - read, bake, ride horse
I don't like to - barn chores, washing dishes
My birthday is - March 17, 1997 - I'm 11
My favorite color is - blue
My favorite Hymn - the Wonderful Jesus medley
My favorite outfit is - coulottes and a tee shirt
When I'm really happy I like to - sing
When I'm really sad I like to - sit and grump
I like 4th of July because - I'm patriotic, my cousins come up, we get candy at the parade
I got saved - when I was 3 and a half with moms help
My favorite school subject is - history

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