Saturday, May 31, 2008

International Student Convention - the Journey

Alright, it's kind of hard to describe the convention in just a couple blog posts, but I'll try! It's a 16 hour drive to Warrensburg, MO, but we spent the night both ways at our cousins, so the trip wasn't too long and it went really well. Dad was a sponsor for a few boys from a school in Iowa and we met them in a tiny town called Polo, MO - we got there a little early and so we just kind of wandered around town - in our dress clothes, I'm sure we were quite a spectacle! This picture is Silas in an old, abandoned jail.
Registration was quite a process! After getting settled in, we went to supper - the food there was wonderful (ice cream for every meal...) and since we did a lot of walking all week (it was half a mile between the guys dorm and our dorm) we were able to do it justice : )
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