Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 2 - Petunia Planting

The crew started at 5:45 A.M. this morning. It was kinda cold outside but after the sun got a little higher the coats came off. This is Miriam dropping four-packs along the road.
Hosanna is busy planting and was the only one to come home without a sunburn - you can see why!
After planting about 14,000 petunias, everyone deserves a treat at the DQ! They look a little crowded don't they! The camera's batteries are going bad which explains some of the blurry pictures.
Naomi and Rebekah were in charge of dividing up the plants into a pattern.
Rebekah and Naomi managed to keep ahead of the planters all day.
Everyone loves the "glow" of the vests in the semis.
Planting is a little bit like leap frog. Packs of four are dropped off and when you plant your four -pack you jump up, run to the end of the line and start another four-pack. Overall, it was a very successful day! Everything got planted except for one small section and some weeding got done in the perenial beds along the buildings. Now for the weeding!!

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