Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 1 - Petunia Planting

Yes, this is a blurry picture and not your computer but we wanted you to see what a semi full of petunias looks like. (There's two semis but the other one isn't quite as full) By the way, that's Hosanna in the back wearing the bright safety vests we're required to wear. This is our sixth year of planting the petunias along Highway 11 for the Marvin Window Company. We also do a few flowerbeds along buildings and some for the city and the Patch restaurant and motel. It's about a mile and a half stretch. Anyway, the trucks came yesterday with the beautiful flowers and today Naomi, Amos and Rebekah, and Hosanna went in to start arranging flats. Naomi is the brains behind this. She counts how many flats are of the different colors, and no, there's not the same amount of any color, and then she designs a pattern. They take empty flats and arrange the flowers for the planting crew. Today they did about 56 mixed flats so when planting day comes tomorrow the planters can get right to work. We have a crew of 13 this year with a couple of new younger members. We're looking at doing the planting in two days. We'll see! Our family really doesn't have green thumbs so we rely on God to make them grow. I don't know if any flowers get prayed for more than these flowers along the highway! If you care too, please pray for nice weather and no more frosts! The plants look great and we'd like to keep them that way!!!

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