Monday, May 19, 2008

Have you had your 3 servings of milk today?

Hi! On Saturday, Dad took me (Naomi) to the Dairy Princess Training Seminar in St. Joseph, MN. We had to leave at like 3 in the morning, but it gets light so early these days that is wasn't all that bad. I got to go to three different workshops - one on tips for promoting the dairy industry (like how to get "key dairy messages" into conversations), one on dos and don'ts for a princess on duty (nothing that'll cramp my lifestyle too bad!), and one on ideas for school classroom presentations. They were all a lot of fun and I think they'll be helpful for any tasks I may have as a dairy princess. 92 girls attended and I got to chat with several of them - including a couple homeschooled girls. It was kind of funny in a way - I never talk with my friends around here about farming! Quite a few of the girls there were also competing to become Princess Kay of the Milky Way. Anyway, it was a great experience! Drink your milk today!

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