Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hi - this is Naomi again - I'm actually home now for more than a day! Amos, Rebekah, Isaac, Miriam, Hosanna, and I were all teaching 5 - day - clubs this week and I think between all of us we were able to lead 8 children to Christ - Praise the Lord!

Amos and Rebekah stayed in Grand Forks, ND and had 3 clubs - one of them was at a "daycare" for the children of students at a linguistics school and so there were kids there from all over the world!

Isaac and Miriam taught a club in our neighborhood and two clubs in Roseau - they were staying here at home, but they were gone for most of the day and then also did farm work in the evenings.

Hosanna taught with Kyla near Langdon, ND - they had four clubs! Each one was in a different town so they drove around 90 miles a day. Hosanna and Kyla added puppets and balloon animals to their clubs : )

I taught with Chris out in Rugby, ND - We also had 3 clubs and they all went well. I had never been to Rugby, but it's a nice town and we met a lot of nice people. I picked up Hosanna last night on my way home and we got back a little before 1. We'll try to get some pictures of a club one of these weeks to show you. Next thing - VBS!

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