Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're All Ready!

Well the decorations are up, the lessons are prepared, the flyers have been passed out, and VBS is set to begin tomorrow morning. We're excited and it's always a highlight of our year. This afternoon we had a workers meeting and then a large group went door to door in the community passing out flyers. Every year we get a few by doing this. Our company wanted to learn more about our church so this was a real opportunity for them to see us in action. After passing out the flyers we all meet back at the church and have lunch together. Somehow, our church eats together a lot!! If there's an activity, there's food! I guess if you look at the stories of Jesus there was food involved quite often as well! Our company leaves tomorrow and we'll miss them. It has been so fun to reconnect with them after so many years of not seeing them. Somehow, it's always like that with believers. You have a common bond that makes it seem like you've always known each other. Well, I need to go be hospitable! Have a great evening!!
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