Thursday, June 5, 2008

Easy Egg Rolls and Blogging

Okay, egg rolls are never easy to make but these are easier than the traditional egg rolls. Priscilla has been "begging" me to make them so we did today. We do this a couple times a year and it was a lot easier only having four of us to cook for. Anyway, if anyone wants the recipe, go ahead and ask. You can't make egg rolls without the delicious cream cheese wontons, which we roll up like egg rolls. This is Priscilla's plate and her chopsticks. No, it didn't work to eat egg rolls with chopsticks!!

On another subject, blogging is interesting. It's kinda like a daily diary open to the public and inspires us to think about what exactly we did all day. Now I realize a most of you don't leave comments but we do get a lot of comments through emails or phone or just in person. In the last three months we've had people from Alaska to Argentina and from New York to Williston, ND. (guess we don't know anyone out west!) We've enjoyed the comments and hope you enjoy our daily life here on the farm. We really should put in our "bad" days and things that go wrong but that's a little depressing!! While Naomi enjoys this and got us going, she also informs me ladies my age don't blog. I guess that might be true although I do know of some of you that blog. I also am one of those ladies that loves to write whether it's something like this paragraph, or a personal letter or whatever, so I will continue to blog and Naomi will add things in here when she gets a chance to keep all her friends that read this happy!! (wow, I think that was a run on sentance) Arthur's working on an article for me so maybe tomorrow you can read that but for now, have a great day in the Lord, and let us know if there's anything you'd like to see on this blog. Bye!!
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